LEARNING TO DIE - This is my first photobook. The pictures of Learning to Die were made by me between 2014 and 2017 and depict the audience of heavy rock concerts in its most different and extreme variations. Divided into three chapters, the photos relate obliquely to a short story of the same name, included in the book. The short piece tells the story of difficult times in the relationship between a man and his son following a troubled separation. This project mix this two of my favorite Photography genres - street photography and music - and explores the dialog between image and text.

CLOSED ON MONDAYS -  My second photobook. The doors of hairdressing and beauty salons in São Paulo are often decorated with graffiti. These art pieces are made by local artists and sometimes offer an interesting contrast to the very activity of those places... the pursuit of beauty. Some of the dozens of photos that didn't make it to the book are in this gallery.
There's some information (in Portuguese for now) about the book here.



SOUND WAVES - (Work in progress) The images for this project were made using multiple exposure, intentional camera movement (ICM) and blur techniques, often using low shutter speeds. These techniques, mixed with the lighting of the concert halls, help me to get more than just a record of the musicians on stage (which I also like, BTW). My intent is to visually show the sound movements, the mood and the vibe of the music being performed. Although there is some degree of control and a clear intention behind each photo, the results are always unpredictable thanks to the ever-changing stage lighting and the musicians' movements on stage.

GOOD OLD ROCK'N'ROLL - An essay about the long-lasting artists that keep challenging the expiration date that was attributed to rock music when it was still considered music for young people. I also published a story on the subject on my Medium profile.