Learning to Die
a photobook by Marcelo Garcia



The pictures of the photobook* Learning to Die were made by me between 2014 and 2017 and depict the audience of heavy rock concerts in its most different and extreme variations. Divided into three chapters, the photos relate obliquely to a short story of the same name, included in the book.

The short piece Learning to Die tells the story of difficult times in the relationship between a man and his son following a troubled separation. A short summary:

Miguel believed he had the answers to most of life's questions and that he could control most of his own destiny. After separating from Pedro's mother, a woman affected by a psychiatric disorder who tries in many ways to undermine the relationship between him and his son, and struggling with a slow and ineffective judicial system, Miguel had to admit that this control doesn't exist.

In this story of many losses in which Miguel's life is shaken from all sides, he holds to anything he and his son share in common. If, for many fathers and sons, these moments of connection are linked to sports, for Miguel and Pedro they're in the chaos of a mosh pit.



Learning to Die has 42 black and white photographs throughout 64 pages. It has 16 x 17.5 cm and it's printed on high quality Italian paper by Ipsis Gafica, a reference in graphic quality and production of photography books in Brazil. The text of the short story is printed in a 24 page booklet. All pictures, the story and the graphic design are made by myself.



I also created an Instagram account where I'm posting pictures that didn't make it to the book. I'm posting one picture a day until 2019.07.13, the World Rock Day. Click on the image below to follow this account:



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(*) Photobook is a kind of photography book, created with a specific intention that is accomplished through editing and graphic design in order to build a visual narrative, with or without an accompanying text, that is an end on itself. If you want to know a little more about photobooks, you can star by this article that I published on Medium.